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VI’s origins are in saving the lives of pilots and astronauts, using AI to help keep them out of risky health situations. While our products have evolved, we remain committed to leveraging technology and data science to help people live healthy and active lives.

VI works with the world’s largest health organizations — from Fortune 500 health providers to pharma and consumer brands — helping them maximize acquisition, enrollment, engagement, retention, and health outcomes. Our powerful platform serves over 100 million members daily — and growing.

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Increase in program utilization

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Lower CPAs

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Reduction in operational costs

Our Mission

Explore our suite of products

VI’s enterprise – AI Platform is designed to maximize acquisition, enrollment, engagement, retention, upsells, and health outcomes, with superior ROI, at scale.

VI Acquire

VI Acquire uses the power of AI to identify, predict, and convert the highest value prospects at the lowest CPA.

VI Engage

VI Engage increases the lifetime value of a member by optimizing enrollment, engagement, and retention.

VI Transform

VI Transform leverages Generative AI to maximize operational efficiencies and financial returns.

Our security commitment

We adhere to and exceed data security standards, using anonymized data sets and rigorous protocols that ensure privacy and safety.