Bringing Generative-AI
to Health Organizations

VI Transform helps health organizations leverage Generative AI to increase revenue and reduce operating costs

How it works

VI Transform offers a GenAI module suite to rapidly transform business operations

Step 01

Customer data ingestion, enriched with VI data, trained code, labeled data and unlabeled data

Step 02

A+ Services team guides GenAI strategy and implementation

Step 03

Build customer foundation model, leveraging both knowledge expertise and 3rd party APIs (OpenAI, LLaMA, Bard and more)

Step 04

Implement GenAI Modules across the customer’s operational chain:

  • Lead Conversion
  • Customer Support
  • Billing and Debt Collection
  • Content Production
  • Conversational Agents (Text and Voice)
  • Data Analytics
Step 05

Integrate with existing technology systems